custom software

If running your computer 24/5 is not an option for you, then a VPS (Virtual Private Server) may be what you are looking for.

A VPS is a server you pay monthly for (Starting at $20 a month) that you can remote desktop connect to straight from your computer at home. Once you are connected, it will look like a fresh windows installation with a clean desktop. You will be free to download, and install and applications that you please, including Metatrader 4.

Make sure to get a Windows based VPS, NOT Linux!

6 simple steps to getting started on a VPS

  1. So you connect to the VPS
  2. You download your brokers MT4 platform
  3. You install it just like you would on your own computer
  4. You copy your EA's to the Metatrader 4/experts folder you just installed
  5. You load the MT4 terminal, and setup your ea's
  6. And your done!


Our recommended #1 recommended VPS rated by price, performance, features and support is Ultrahosting